Understanding SEL

  • What SEL is:

    • Aligned to PCSD
    • Tailored to our students
    • Research based
    • Process, principles and practices
    • Relationship based
    • Integrated into classrooms and schools
    • Supportive to academic behavior
    • A journey of continuous improvement

    What SEL is Not:

    • A silo or stand alone program
    • A curriculum
    • One size fits all
    • Separate and apart from school life
    • For emotions only
    • Trendy or finite

SEL programs are tailored to our students

  • MCE students paint rocks

    • Mental health status
    • Youth Risk Behavior Survey
    • Demographics
    • Cultures and backgrounds
    • Access and participation at school
    • School performance
    • Discipline
    • Climate surveys (student, staff, parents)
    • Health Status
    • Observations and feedback

A Pittsford District PTSA Presentation

Chart of SEL Core Competencies

Research Based

  • Increased Academic Outcomes Documented
    Social-emotional skills led to improved attitudes about self, others, and school and an 11% point gain on standardized achievement tests.

    Reduced Risk of Failure Documented
    Social Emotional Skills led to decrease in conduct problems and emotional distress.

Inputs and Approaches

  • SEL Skills Instruction:

    Social awareness
    Relationship skills
    Responsible decision-making

    Positive Learning Climate and Instructional Strategies:

    Safe, caring
    High expectations