Resources - Supporting Children through Trauma, Illness and Grief

  • Traumatic events, serious illnesses or deaths of family members, friends or members of the school community can have a profound impact on children. Even tragic community events, not directly experienced by a child, can leave an indelible mark.

    Students often turn to trusted teachers and other school personnel for support and help to understand sad events in their lives. School personnel can serve as a front-line resource for children experiencing trauma, illness, death and grief, both at times of immediate crisis and in subsequent years, as children continue to adapt and mature.

    For resources that may support you in talking with your children about these topics, please visit the TIG website.

    If you are aware of a situation that may require the help of a trained professional, please contact your child’s school counselor or principal.

    Consortium on Trauma, Illness and Grief

    Pittsford Central School District is committed to providing support for those who have experienced trauma, illness or grief. The District is a member of the Consortium on Trauma, Illness and Grief (TIG), a collaboration with Monroe County Office of Mental Health and surrounding school districts. TIG provides education, training opportunities, and support to help schools effectively respond to the needs of children, parents, teachers, and other school personnel in times of crisis. Trained staff are positioned throughout the District to help support students through incidents such as a death, severe illness or tragedy affecting their classmates, teachers or family.