How Are We Practicing the MidKnight Way...Always?

The Midknight Shield
  • In Mrs Ashcroft's math class , "At the end of every class, a student picks one of three sticks (winner-only included if a game is played during class, best self, best work) from a cup.  If best self or best work is selected from the cup, we reference the poster, and we determine what student displayed his/her best self or best work that day.  The student we decide on gets a sticker."

  • Students in Mrs. Cleason's class randomly play "What's the good news?" and each student shares something off the top of their head that they are personally proud of. Students in Learning Lab set personal goals to help them improve their academics and work habits.

Health Class

Health Class: The Midknight Way "In Real Life"
  • Mrs. McRae is helping students identify other students who exemplify the Midknight Way,  explaining that in her class,    " Each letter will be defined and kids can put a sticky note next to one of the letters telling me who was creative, resilient, mindful or spirited and what they did.  At the end of each week/month , I'll take names down and enter them into a raffle to win a simple prize.  It will be fun to collect ideas of different ways kids are exemplifying CRMS!"

On this site we will be displaying varius ways the Midknight way is being practiced at CRMS. Check often for updates!

  • Iceberg illistration

     In the Counseling Department:

    6th graders- a lesson on being your best self, and living with integrity.  It was focused on rumor spreading and gossip.

    7th graders- a lesson on perseverance and resilience.  It was focused on the image of an iceberg- people see your success as the tip of the iceberg.  Underneath the water is all of the sacrifice, perseverance, and resilience that it takes to achieve success

Students in Mrs. Warchol's art class complete this reflection.
  • For Stoneman Douglas High School

    The Maroon team students folded 1000 peace cranes as a wish for peace in the world.  This coincided with their research project where they researched a group, person, natural element, etc. that needed peace and how peace might be achieved.  Kids researched topics ranging from Northern Ireland to coral reefs to circus animals to the Ukrainian people.  Kids brainstormed what to do with the 1000 origami cranes and decided to do a series of art projects.  The one pictured below is a sun with 17 rays, each representing one of the 17 people who lost their lives in the Parkland, Florida shooting.  The center of the sun is made up of peace cranes.  There are several other projects in the works.  The sun will be mailed sometime this month to Stoneman Douglas High School.  Josh Piano and Tim Estrich were nice enough to cut out the sun and supply the materials.