Code of Conduct

  • Elementary Code of Conduct

    School Expectations
    Students will be kind and respectful to all people in all settings.
    Students will respect all property.
    Students will make safe choices.
    Students will try their best in all things.

    Unacceptable School Behavior

    Actions that occur repeatedly that make a person feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or disrespected.

    Could be….
    Physical- (ie. hitting, kicking, punching spitting, pushing)
    Verbal- (ie. teasing, name calling, making threats)
    Emotional- (ie. spreading rumors, leaving someone out)

    Technology used inappropriately in order to hurt others.

    Could be….
    Text messages
    Social Media
    Digital photographs

    If bullying, cyberbullying, or harassment occurs, the school will work with you to make a plan to correct the problem. Parents will be notified. Consequences may occur in school and/or at home.

    Post Incident Reflection
    Students will be required to answer the following questions.
    -          What happened?
    -          Who/what was harmed?
    -          What needs to be done to make things right?
    -          Was a school rule broken? Which one?
    -          How can I or others behave differently in the future?