School-Parent-Student Compact

  •  Jefferson Road School-Parent-Student Compact 

    Administration, faculty, staff, parents, and students at Jefferson Road School jointly share the responsibility for improving student academic achievement and for establishing a climate of respect and cooperation.  The purpose of this compact is to outline how together we will develop our partnership to help students achieve the high academic and behavioral expectations set by the state of New York and the Pittsford Central School District.

    This School-Parent-Student Compact has been developed and approved by Jefferson
    Road’s Instructional Leadership Team which has representation from all building stakeholders, including parents.  It will be reviewed for any changes or additions at the end of the year at an ILT meeting.

    School Responsibilities:

    • To provide high-quality curriculum and instruction taught by highly qualified teachers in a supportive and caring learning environment so as to enable all students to attain their highest level of achievement
    • To follow the identified Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) when planning and designing lessons
    • To assess student learning throughout the learning process using a variety of measures in order to monitor student growth and provide evidence of learning
    • To identify students at risk of not meeting the state standards through the use of common assessments and progress monitoring, and by the data from state assessments
    • To use the Response to Intervention (RtI) process to identify students in need of interventions outside of the classroom setting and provide support as needed
    • To ensure that all students have access to a variety of resources designed to support their academic and social emotional growth to include but not be limited to support personnel,  textbooks, math manipulatives, leveled books, computers, library-media center
    • To provide a variety of instructional strategies designed to meet the diverse needs of our learners
    • To communicate clear expectations for behavior and a process for having concerns addressed
    • To model the behaviors we want our children to demonstrate at school and in the community.


    Parent Responsibilities:

    • To keep in close communication with the classroom teacher and school personnel, to read all notices and school reports, and to attend school conferences and events
    • To ensure your child is ready to meet the demands of the school day including proper nutrition, exercise, medical care, and rest
    • To ensure regular, timely daily school attendance so that your child is at school no earlier than 8:30 but no later than 8:40 and to notify the school when s/he will be absent
    • To ensure your child comes to school with proper attire and materials needed to meet the demands of the school day
    • To teach and model the behaviors we want our children to demonstrate at school and in the community
    • To join and, to the extent possible, volunteer for parent-school groups such as the PTSA
    • To provide your child with support with homework, learning math facts and sight words, to read to or with your child daily, and to monitor screen time and website appropriateness
    • To enter fully into a partnership with school that includes an understanding that we may not always agree but will maintain communication while keeping our focus on your child

    Student Responsibilities:

    • To come to school prepared and ready to learn
    • To follow the JR bus safety rules of STAY SEATED WHEN THE BUS IS MOVING, USE A QUIET VOICE, KEEP YOUR HANDS AND FEET TO YOURSELF.  To follow any additional rules your bus driver sets
    • To ask for help when needed
    • To use your best effort to complete all assigned work
    • To learn your assigned math facts, sight words, and read at least twenty minutes each day
    • To get help from a trusted adult when you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or disrespected
    • To adhere to the CODE of CONDUCT