Emergency Closings


    School closings are broadcast on early morning radio & television shows, starting before 7:00.

    When the school is closed for emergency reasons all evening activities are canceled. 

    Early, emergency dismissals due to weather and/or other situations are kept to a minimum. However, when it happens, please follow these guidelines:

    1. For special circumstances (working mothers, babysitters) your child's teacher should know your emergency plans. Your child needs to know where to go in the event that you are not home.
    2. Do not call the school - phones are needed for emergencies.
    3. Do not drive to school unless you have a severe emergency - the bus loop becomes clogged with cars and the buses are unable to leave.
    4. The principal makes the decision regarding when and how those who walk will be released.
    5. If bused students are held at school at parents' request, they are released to their parents, or to other adults who have a written release from the parents.
    6. The school is supervised until all students are safely on their way home.
    7. The district's central phone line remains open until all buses have arrived back at the garage.
    8. In the event that students must be held for several hours or overnight, their needs can be adequately met.