• Regular attendance and punctuality in arriving are essential if a child is to make reasonable progress in school. The attendance policies of Jefferson Road School have been designed to insure this and the safety of each child.

    If a child is absent from school, the parent should call the school office at 267-1309 and tell the child's name, the reason for absence and the child's teacher. If the office is not notified, the parent will be called about the child's absence. Written excuses are required for all absences and tardiness unless the parent has called the attendance line (267-1309).  The excuse should include the dates of absence and the reasons for the absence.

    When a parent plans to take a child out of class while school is in session, a note should be sent to the classroom teacher in the morning. The note should state reasons for leaving, the time of departure, and the name of the adult who will be picking the child up. The adult picking the child up should pick him up in the school office and sign the child out with office staff.