Lunch & Recess

  • Each student receives a forty-five minute recess/lunch period each day. The menu is published monthly. Hot lunches are provided and cost $4.00 each, including milk. A la carte items are also available.

    Order forms for Prepaid Lunch and applications for free or reduced lunch are available through Pittsford Food Service by calling 267-1096.

    There are adult supervisors in the cafeteria and on the playground during this period.

    This time is a wonderful opportunity for students to relax and socialize. To ensure their comfort and safety, students are expected to:

    • Handle food appropriately
    • Listen to the adults in charge
    • Stay seated while eating
    • Raise hands if there is a need


    The students go outside most days, weather permitting. The following rules apply:

    • Report all injuries to the adult supervisor
    • Use the equipment appropriately
    • There should be no inappropriate physical contact such as kicking, tackling, etc.
    • Practice good sportsmanship and kindness to all
    • Include others in all games - make sure no one is left out
    • Tell the adult supervisor when going into the building
    • Always use the buddy system

    If your child has a problem on the playground, call the school office so that difficulties can be ironed out.

    Students should dress for the weather.  In the winter, students should wear coats, hats, boots, gloves, and snowpants.