Student Opportunity Fund

  • Pittsford Central School District



    The Student Opportunity Fund (SOF) is established to provide assistance for students experiencing financial difficulties which would limit their opportunity to learn or participate in school-sponsored educational activities.  Resources for this fund are provided by the Pittsford Education Foundation (formerly KEEP), Pittsford Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), Pittsford District Administrators Association (PDAA), and Pittsford Educational Office Professionals (PEOP).  Contributions may be accepted from other organizations to support this fund.

    Oversight of the Student Opportunity Fund: 

    The Superintendent of Schools will develop procedures for the administration of the fund. The Superintendent may appoint an administrative designee to fulfill this role.


    Students would be eligible if their financial situation limits their opportunity to learn or participate in school-sponsored educational activities.

    SOF Committee: 

    Membership will consist of:  one teacher selected by the PDTA, an administrator selected by the PDAA and the Director of Student Services, who serves as chairperson of the committee. The Chairperson and Treasurer will prepare an annual report of fund use at the end of each school year. The report will be distributed to the Superintendent, SOF Committee members, Principals and funders.

    SOF Committee Responsibilities: 

    To determine the merit of each request for assistance and identify the amount to be allocated.  Meetings will be held at the discretion of the chairperson. Agreement must be unanimous and documented by the chairperson.


    The applicant must be a student attending Pittsford Central Schools.  No specific family income criterion will be used.  All matters regarding the student will be kept confidential.  The committee may approve an allocation up to $300 and up to 50% of requests in excess of $300, with a maximum allocation of $750. Examples of appropriate use of funds include school supplies/materials, school sponsored events or trips, fees for assessments (e.g. AP tests), college applications, etc. To assist with personal health needs (i.e., glasses) the building administrator must make a recommendation for approval. Amounts approved may vary based upon fund balance.

    Treasurer of the Fund: 

    The District treasurer will act as the fiscal officer.  Treasurer duties are as follows:

    1. Dispense funds at the direction of the SOF committee.
    2. Maintain up-to-date and accurate account of the fund.
    3. Invest unused monies in interest bearing accounts.
    4. Provide a fiscal report to the Superintendent and SOF Committee members in June of each year.

    Usable money: 

    100% of the total fund can be dispensed during the school year.

    Administrative Guidelines for Building Administrators and Counselors: 

     Inform staff and students on a regular basis of the availability of the SOF.

    1. Forms are available on District website:
    2. Forms must be approved first by the building administrator and then forwarded to the Director of Student Services.


    Approved requests will be processed through the business office within 10 days. The school administrator/counselor will notify family and dispense funds to the requested designation. If the SOF Committee does not approve a request, the Director of Student Services will contact the building administrator.



    Pittsford Education Foundation (formerly Keep): P.O. Box 243 Pittsford, N.Y. 14534-0243   (585) 267-3587

    The Pittsford Education Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.