Home Instruction / Home Schooling

  • From time to time, parents/guardians may choose to instruct their children at home. Pittsford Central School District cooperates with parents who decide to provide home schooling for their children, recognizing that children who are educated at home should receive an education in a manner consistent with an educational plan and at least substantially equivalent to that given to students of like age and attainments in the local public schools.

    Parents/guardians who plan to provide home schooling for their children can submit a Letter of Intent to Shana Cutaia, Director of Student Services. Following the submission of the Letter of Intent, Monroe One BOCES will contact the parent/guardian about the development of an Individual Home Instruction Plan and the reporting requirements associated with home school programs. Monroe One BOCES currently monitors home school programs on behalf of the District.

    More information about home schooling can be found at the following links: