• Welcome 2020-2021 Calc BC students.  We are going to be getting a head start on Calculus so there will be a summer review assignment.  The assignment can be found on deltamath.com and my teacher ID is 188581.  Our delta math class is BC Calculus 20-21.  The assignment is all prerequisite skills from Algebra all the way through Pre Calc Honors.  You will be assessed on these prerequisites on the first Friday of the short week we return from summer break.


    I will be taking advantage of class notebook through office 365.  I have shared my notebook with everyone on my roster.  I will post notes there, and have posted unit 0 (prerequsite skills) there.

    Login to office 365 using your school email address (firstname_lastname@students.pittsford.monroe.edu) and password you use to login to the computers on campus.

    Office 365


    We will also be taking advantage of AP Classroom through the college board website.  Please make sure you know your username and password for the collegeboard website on the first day of school.


    To subscribe to text reminders for upcoming assignments text @McalcBC to the phone number 81010


    Below is a link to my Khan Academy class