• Reading

    In 4th grade we will continue to work and build upon skills learned in 3rd grade. 

    Some major areas of focus will be:

    -learning to pick out and read "just right" books
    -developing the ability to think deeper about characters and their motives
    -making judgments about a book and supporting those judgments with text details
    -diversity in the genre of books we read
    -pair fiction with non-fiction and learn how to merge both genres into our writing
    -LOVE reading
    The students will be engaged in read-alouds, shared reading, guided reading, and book clubs throughout the year. Fourth graders are responsible for having an independent reading book, as well.



    Our class will ALWAYS be writing, in every subject! Writing workshop gives the students a time to learn about, practice, and listen to quality writing. Our major writing projects will include (but are not limited to) a personal narrative, a persuasive/expository essay, and a poetry unit. Encourage your child to practice writing and typing at home.  Keep a journal or write letters/emails to friends or family members.


    In addition we will also use our reading/writing blocks to practice for the NYS ELA exam.