• A link to my website will be sent to each student on Friday for the remainder of the closure. A link to this website will be provided. Please email Mrs. Brown with any questions regarding the work. All work from April 13th forward will be mandatory and will count towards credit for your art class.

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  • Photo Four Ways

    June 1st- June 5th

    Due June 5th


    Photo Four Ways


    May 25th-29th

    Due May 29th (Email Mrs. Brown)

    Hi 7th graders! Moving along with portraiture, you will be looking at some great pieces of artwork in different mediums this week and critiquing them! Open up the document below for all information regarding this lesson. Of course, email me if you would like help, if you would like to Zoom during my office hours, or if you have any questions.

    Portraiture and Family Assignment


    May 11th-22nd Assignment (TWO WEEK ASSIGNMENT)

    Due May 22nd (Email Mrs. Brown)

    Open the project PDF and all information about your Zentangle Portrait will be in that document. I will post the link to the youtube video just in case the link doesn't work for you on your device. When finished, email Mrs. Brown (katherine_brown@pittsford.monroe.edu) a photo of your final piece.

    Zentangle Portrait


    Link to youtube video on Zentangles


    May 4th- May 8th Assignment

    Due May 8th (Email Mrs. Brown)

    Open the Mandala PDF which will give you all directions, examples, and time management document.

    Mandala Project


    April 27th-May 1st Assignment

    Due May 1st (Email Mrs. Brown)

    Directions (open first)

    Nighthawks Story Worksheet

    Link to move in document:

    Andrew Wyeth Video


    Time Management Schedule (if needed)

    Time Mangement Recommendations



     April 13th-20th (Part 1) and April 20th-27th (Part 2) Assignments

    Open the directions document first and follow the directions step by step to stay organized and on task for part 1 and part 2.

    Part 1 due April 20th

    PART 1

    Directions (Open First)

    Chuck Close Bio/Images

    Time Management Recommendations Week 1

    Here are the links from the document if the hyperlink isn't working for you in the directions page.





    Part 2 due April 27th

    Part 2

    Photo Options for Drawing (Part 2)







    Finished Student Examples

    Time Management Recommendations Week 2



    April 3rd UPDATE


    Watch this quick video to see what is new in the virtual art room.



    You will be creating an Artist Instagram! This does not mean you are creating a digital account, or anything online, but instead choosing an artist and creating a drawing/design using the template provided to create a page that might resemble what an artist's page might look like. It's fun to think about artists who lived in different time periods and what they would take a picture of on a daily basis. We know that instagram is a platform designed to share pictures, so think about what that artist would share each day. Maybe it is a snapshot of the park they walked through to get to their studio each day or it is a photo of the materials they use when they create. Maybe, like the artist Wayne Thiebaud, they painted a specific subject matter (he painted baked goods) so perhaps he made a visit to a bakery to buy a cake to paint. Think about what the artists daily life might look like and create that through the series of small squares on the page template. You can use any medium you would like for this- if you would like to draw them in, that would be great- you could paint, you could take your own photos and print them out and glue them onto the template- whatever works best for you. My goal is for you to research an artist and think about their daily lives and what makes them unique. That is what I would love to see you show in your squares. I have a direction sheet for you, a template to print and draw on, and a student example from last semester to check out. If you don't have access to a printer, just trace six squares and a circle on a white piece of paper, and that can easily work too. Email me if you have any questions.

    Artist Instagram Directions

    Artist Instagram Template

    Student Example

Stacked Paint Cups

7th Grade Art