Grading Philosophy

  • The Business Department consent to the following shared practices:

    • The business department grades students on clearly defined learning standards unique to each class. These standards are what students will know and be able to do after completing the class.
    • The business department believes that academic grades should reflect an individual student’s achievement against these learning standard(s).
    • Teamwork, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Innovation and Communication are essential skills for success now and in the future world of work.
    • When calculating a student’s grade, we will adhere to the following practices:
    • Grades will be made up of summative assessments only.
    • Formative assessments are essential for student learning as well as reporting information to stakeholders. However, formative assessments will not be counted toward a student’s final grade though they will be reported in Infinite Campus.
    • A student should never reach a place where there is no point doing any more work because failure is inevitable. Therefore, zeroes, in a 100 point scale, will only be assigned if the student fails to meet district assigned deadline for grade reporting. This happens 4 times during a school year and those dates can be found in the student/parent handbook.
    • In the business department, students enrolled in the same class, regardless of teacher or building, will be assessed and held accountable in a consistent manner.
    • Students will receive multiple opportunities/attempts to be successful and demonstrate their learning of the standards.
      • Specific Retake policies will be shared by course.
    • We acknowledge the importance of using timely, descriptive, and relevant feedback to aid in student growth and teacher reflection and pledge to provide this information as soon as possible.

District Grading Resources

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