English Class
  • English 8

    To keep your skills sharp during the school closure, here are the guidelines for English class.  Look at this as an opportunity to engage in some quality independent work focused on reading and writing.  You will have a great deal of freedom to choose what you read and/or write.

    Your goal is to engage in reading and/or writing for 30 minutes a day (or more :).  It is up to you to decide how much time to spend on each; this can vary from day to day.

    Reading:  Choose any book of your choice.  If you are looking for ideas on what to read, check the link to the American Library Association website located below; they provide a list of recommended books for young adults.  You do not have to choose a book off of this list; it’s just to provide suggestions if you are looking for one.  You can also check the Calkins Road Library webpage.  There you will find a link to some e-books via Overdrive.


    Writing:  Keep a journal.  Your journal can be on paper or kept electronically.  If you are keeping an electronic journal, you do not need to print it out.  On this webpage, you will find a list of writing prompts.  Some of these are reader response, and your answers will relate to the book you are reading.  Others are creative writing prompts.  Choose from either list.  The goal is to engage in some form of writing each day.  You do not necessarily have to choose a different prompt everyday; some prompts, especially creative writing, might inspire several days of writing.