Spanish 8 Homework

  • Agenda for April 13-17th:

    (It is HIGHLY recommended that you go to class notebook in TEAMS to get the work and important links.)

    Directions for Students to get into TEAMS:

    1. CRMS website go to Students in the navy blue bar
    2. Go to letter “O” and click on Office 365
    3. Sign in using full first name _ last
    4. Enter password and decide if you want to stay logged in or not
    5. You will default to your email, but to get to teams go to the waffle, or app switcher located in the top left hand corner (9 dots) and choose TEAMS
    6. Find your Spanish class and go to the tab with dates you need.


    Here is the link to the current packet:

         6-1 packet


    lunes el 13 de abril:

    1.  Review/Study vocabulary for 10 minutes - Quizlet list #100 (6.1 essential vocablist in the CLASS NOTEBOOK)  You should highlight these words in your packet

    2.  Complete 6.1 essential vocab assignment

    (This will be handed in and graded and will be listed in infinite campus.  Be sure to copy and paste the accents from the directions; they count!) 

    This link is on class notebook and cannot be started until that day.

    3.  Watch the video on Saber vs Conocer and answer the questions inside the video.   


    martes el 14 de abril:

    1.  Load the video on p. 19-20.  Complete p. 19 and 20 while watching video.

    2.  Complete p. 21

    3.  Check p. 21 using answer key located in class notebook

    4.  email your teacher if you have any questions


    miercoles el 15 de abril:

    1.  Complete saber vs conocer check in. 

    (This will be submitted and will appear in infinite campus.)  

    The link is located in class notebook and will be available on 15 abril)

    2.  Complete p. 22-23

    3.  Check p. 22-23 with answer key posted in class notebook

    4.  email your teacher if you have any questions


    **Gimkit @2pm - Check in TEAMS for code at 1:55ish (this is optional, but highly encouraged)


    jueves el 16 de abril:

    1. Load the vocab check video and complete the vocab check while watching the video.  You can do this in the back of your packet or on scrap paper.  (video link on class notebook)

    2. Complete p. 24-25

    3.  Check p. 24-25 using answer key on class notebook

    4.  email your teacher if you have any questions

    viernes el 17 de abril:

    1. Complete the Saber vs concer practice assessment p. 27-28

    2.  Check p. 27-28 using the answer key on class notebook

    3.  email your teacher if you have any questions. 

    ***There will be a COLLECTED saber vs conocer assessment on Monday April 20th)

    ***Gimkit @ 2 pm.  check TEAMS for code at 1:55ish (this is optional but highly encouraged




Vocab List Downloads