Spanish 8 Homework

  • Homework through April 3rd:

    Here are links to the current packets:

         6-1 packet


    lunes el 30 de marzo:

    1.  Complete p 13

    2.  Complete practice quiz on boxes 1 & 2 (NO NOTES) This is not graded... it's just ot let us and you know how well you know the vocabulary.

         Click here for practice quiz  


    martes el 31 de marzo:

    1.  p. 15 be careful... jugar has a funky -yo form in preterite tense:


    jugué           jugamos

    jugaste       jugasteis

    jugó            jugaron

     2.Click here for p 15 answers

     3.   Box # 3 vocab Set #36 (speller, write, test, learn). 


    miercoles el PRIMERO de abril:

    *There are a lot of activities for today but all are short (just a few minutes each)

    1.  Read and complete p 5

    2.  Listen to audio.  We will say a number, you will WRITE it in digits (coming soon)

    3.  Count out loud in Spanish (0-100 by tens) try NOT to look at     vocab

    4.  Count out loud in Spanish (100-1.000 by 100s)

    5.  Practice numbers 3 and 4 as many times as you can  


    jueves el dos de abril:

    1. p 6-7  Complete these pages, then check answers carefully.

        Click here for p. 6 answers

         Click here for p 7 answers


    viernes el tres de abril:

    1. p. 18 (choose any 7 on the page - answer in complete Spanish sentences) Then check answers

    2.  click here for p 18 answers



    Monday March 23rd


    1. quizlet box #1 SET #34   for ten minutes:  Use quizlet (speller, write, test, learn)
    2. p. 9 puzzle


    Tuesday March 24th:

    1. Box #2  SET #3 5review with quizlet (10 minutes)  (speller, write, test, learn)
    2. p. 11 



    Wednesday March 25th:

    1. Box #2 - #3 SET #36  review with quizlet (10 minutes)  (speller, write, test, learn)
    2. p. 10 


    Thursday March 26th:

    1. Boxes #2-3 SET #36 review with quizlet  (10 minutes) (speller, write, test, learn)
    2. p. 16


    Friday March 27th:

    1. Review any vocab boxes 1-3
    2. p. 17 optional feedback please send a photo of clearly written work to:  michelle_o'

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