• Homework



    Homework in 3rd Grade

    Students will be assigned daily homework in 3rd grade. Homework will consist of an independently reading log, in which students will be required to read for 20 minutes each night. In addition, students are expected to practice math facts for 10 minutes each night. Students will have choice as to how they practice their math facts (flashcards, website, paper and pencil activities, etc.).  All homework is due on Fridays. 

    Creating the Homework Habit in 3rd Grade

    As parents you can help your child develop good working habits.  For some students, homework habits can be more easily formed if children work the same time each day and help your child choose an appropriate study location for them.  It should be a quiet and comfortable space with minimal distractions.  

     Please Keep in Mind...

    You can be a resource for your child, but let them work through with their own work.  If your child has difficulty, have them read the directions for the task and talk through it. If your child is really struggling with a task and has reached their frustration level or tears, please have them skip the question and move on. If this occurs, please write me a note and attach it to the homework. Explain that they tried their best, but were not able to complete the task independently.  This gives me more valuable information about who/what I need to reteach instead of having an adult or sibling guide them through the task without them fully understanding. Under these circumstances, with a note, students will not be penalized in any way for skipping a problem or not completing an assignment.