• Generalthe lorax


    * Set up a consistent daily routine for your child including homework and reading time

    * Go over all the work coming home in the MCE folder with your child (have them explain what we're working on)

    *Encourage risk taking (acknowledge and praise children for taking risks and approaching a challenge even if they are unsuccessful)

    *Place the focus on your child's strengths not their weaknesses-it's important to acknowledge and work with them on their areas of weakness, but be sure to acknowledge their strengths equally!

    *Schedule play dates with classmates



    * Read daily with your childfox in sox

    * Raz-Kids

    * Write letters to family members/friends

    * Take trips to Barnes & Noble, local libraries etc.

    * Ask questions about the stories they are reading


    Mathhorton from dr. seuss

    * Xtra math (math flash cards through 20)

    * Practice counting piles of coins (up to $1.00)

    * Play dice/card games (Yahtzee, Monopoly, Rack-O, Quirkle, Dominoes etc.)



    Email me with ANY questions or concerns. This is a partnership and I am here to help!