• Seminars will be posted the day they are handed out in class.

    When posted, you will be able to click the Seminar title to download a copy
    (and any additional readings that pertain to the Seminar).

    Remember, Seminars are due on the day (at the beginning of the class) you have Seminar...
    late papers are NOT acceptable and will be granted half credit.

    If absent on a Seminar day a written assignment must be completed to make up for the missed debate
    (whether a written assignment was assigned or not for that particular Seminar).

    If you have any questions, see Mr. LeVan in the Social Studies Office or Room 222.


    MLA citation for your textbook is as follows:

    McKay, John P., et al.  A History of Western Society.  11th ed.  Boston:  Bedford/St. Martin's, 2014.

    Parenthetical Notation for McKay is as follows:
    (McKay et al. pg#).     For example:  (McKay et al. 28).


    Seminar 1:  Was There Really a Renaissance?  Due Friday, Sept 13th

    MLA citation for Feder is as follows:
    Feder, Bernard. Was There Really a Renaissance? New York: Litton Educational Publishing, Inc., 1974.
    MLA citation for Setton and Winkler is as follows:
    Setton, Kenneth M and Henry R. Winkler, ed. Great Problems in European Civilization. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, Inc., 1966.

    Seminar 2:  Machiavelli Due Friday, Sept  20th

    • Click here for The Prince reading selection from Knoles and Snyder.

      MLA citation for Knoles and Snyder is as follows:

       Knoles, George H. and Rixford K. Snyder.  Readings in Western Civilization.  Chicago:  J.B. Lippincott Company,

    Seminar 3:  Figures of the Reformation Due Friday, Sept  27th

      MLA citation for Gustavson is as follows:

       Gustavson, Carl.  A Preface to History.  McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., 1955.

    Seminar 4:  Politics and Warfare, Who Is The Greatest Ruler?  Due Thursday, Oct  10th

    •  Click here for Role Assignments for Seminar 4

    Seminar 5:  Cromwell: Reformer or Seeker of Power?  Due Friday, Oct  18th

    Seminar 6:  The French Revolution  Due Friday, Nov  1st