• Lecture topics for the 2019 - 2020 academic year are posted below. While lecture will cover many topics over the course of the year, it is essential that you read the sections of the textbook as listed below with each lecture.

    To succeed in WHAP, a combination of Lecture Notes, Textbook and Review Book is recommended.

    Listed below are the readings for the Strayer and Nelson Textbook that go along with each lecture.

    Remember, it is required that you take the notes during the lecture days.
    This will not only better prepare you for the Seminars but also the AP World: Modern National Exam on May 14th 2020.

    If you have any questions, see Mr. LeVan in the Social Studies Office or Room 222.

  • PERIOD 1 (Unit 1 and 2):  1200 C.E. - 1450 C.E.

    Lecture 1 - Dar al-Islam

    • Monday, September 9th & Tuesday, September 10th

    Lecture 2 - South Asia through the Mughal Empire

    • Wednesday, September 11th & Thursday, September 12th

    Lecture 3 - African Empires up to European Arrival

    • Monday, September 16th & Tuesday, September 17th

    Lecture 4 - Americas up to European Arrival

    • Wednesday, September 18th

    Lecture 5 - The Development of Europe

    • Monday, September 23rd through Wednesday, September 25th

    Lecture 6 - The Development of China and the Far East:  Tang/Song to Yuan

    • Monday, September 30th through Wednesday, October 2nd

    Lecture 7 - Trade Routes

    • Monday, October 7th

    Lecture 8 - Comparison:  China and Europe

    • Tuesday, October 8th & Wednesday, October 9th

    PERIOD 2 :  1450 C.E. - 1750 C.E.

    Lecture 9 - Political Transformations: Empires and Encounters:  Chp 13

    • Monday, October 21st & Tuesday, October 22nd

    Lecture 10 - Economic Transformations:  Commerce and Consequence: Chp 14

    • Wednesday, October 23rd & Thursday, October 24th

    Lecture 11 - Cultural Transformations:  Religion and Science: Chp 15

    • Friday, October 25th

    PERIOD 3 :  1750 C.E. - 1900 C.E.

    Lecture 12 - Revolutions:  Chp 16

    • Monday, October 28thAmerican Revolution
    • Tuesday, October 29th and Wednesday, October 30th:  French Revolution
    • Thursday, October 31st:  Haitian Revolution
    • Monday, November 4th:  South American Revolution (Bolivar)
    • Friday, November 15th:  South American Revolution (San Martin)
    • Monday, November 18th:  Mexican Revolution

    Lecture 13 - The Industrial Revolution:  Chp 17

    • Tuesday, November 19th and Wednesday, November 20th:  The Industrial Revolution (England)
    • Thursday, November 21st:  American Industrialism
    • Monday, December 2nd:  Russian Industrialism
    • Tuesday, December 3rd:  Latin American Industrialism

    Lecture 14 - Imperialism:  Chp 18 & 19

    • Wednesday, December 4th2nd Wave European Conquests
    • Thursday, December 5th:  China's Century of Crisis
    • Friday, December 6th:  The Ottoman Empire
    • Monday, December 9th:  The Rise of Japan
    • Tuesday, December 10th:  Colonialism in Africa and Asia
    • Wednesday, December 11th:  Colonial Economics
    • Thursday December 12th:  Cultural Change in the Colonial Era

    PERIOD 4:  1900 C.E. - PRESENT...after Midterms...


  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing lectures!