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Degrees and Certifications:

BRIET, Social Studies Certification, SUNY Buffalo Masters in History, SUNY Buffalo • European History Concentration Bachelors in History, SUNY Buffalo Teaching in 23 - 24: AP European, AP World, Global 10

Mr. LeVan

I've had the privilege of teaching at SHS since 2003.  During that time I've taught AP European History, AP World History, AP World History: Modern, Global 9 and 10, US History, Economics, and Government.  I currently run the SHS Ski Club, Thornell Rd Ski Club, am the Sophomore Class Advisor, the Varsity Club Advisor, the SHS Online Coordinator and the scorekeeper for SHS Girls Volleyball and Pittsford Boys Volleyball.  Prior to teaching in Pittsford, I taught in the Ken-Ton School District in Buffalo, teaching 7th grade US History.  History has always been an interest of mine, something I've always enjoyed in life and in school.  One of the biggest sparks for my interest in history was when I took my first European vacation, I was 14 at the time.  On that initial trip I visited France, Belgium, and the love of traveling started with this trip and has never stopped.  Since that initial trip, I've had the opportunity to visit most of Eastern and Western Europe, parts of Western Asia, and have spent time in Eastern Africa.  All of this has allowed me to enhance my instruction with personal stories, experiences, and a classroom full of items from around the world, which I hope helps bring class content to life.  In addition to personal travel I spend every other summer taking students abroad to Europe, to let students see and visit the things they learned about in class.  I've always believed that learning in a classroom environment can be a wonderful experience, but going to see the places you've learned about opens up new opportunities and allows for growth above and beyond what's possible in school.  I'm looking forward to teaching in Pittsford for many more years to come.  I hope to see you in Room 222!