• Communications Systems

  • Course Description
        Communication Systems is a 1 semester course that guides students through different types of digital media. Students will be exposed to a wide range of technology concepts in regards to digital images, video editing and computer animation and special effects. Students are encouraged to grow as independent thinkers while still being able to function in a group setting. Students will be responsible for individual and group projects.
       Students will learn the basic types of communication and how they are used in today’s society. Students will complete a variety of projects from creating digitally altering images for attracting a specific audience to creating their own music video and short film. Students will also investigate different careers in the communication field. Students will learn to manipulate videos: Green screen, audio and sound effects, animation and special effects (Star War light sabers)

       Basic Digital Photo Manipulation
       Someone or Some Place I’m Not
       Advanced Digital Photo Manipulation
       Video / Audio Creation
       Green Screen and Video Manipulation
       Music Video
       Short Movie
       Claymation / Stop Animation Movie
       Computer Animation
       Special Effects
       Sound Effects / Sound /Voice Manipulation


    Light Saber Special Effect



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