Sight Words

  • First Grade Sight Words
    Each week throughout the school year a new set of 8-10 sight word cards will be sent home in your child's folder.  The sight word lists are posted here, in case word card sets are misplaced during the year.  It is important to keep up with sight word practice each day at home.  
    Suggested method for practicing word cards:
    1.  The student tries to quickly read each of the word cards.  The automatically known words are placed into one pile and the words that need more practice in order to become automatic are placed into a second pile.  "Automatically" means the words can be read instantly, without sounding out. 
    2. The student practices all the words in the automatic pile, along with only two or three words from the second pile of words that need more practice. No new words are added until those two or three unknown words become automatic also.  When these words become automatic, two or three new words from the second pile are added.  This process is repeated until all the words are known automatically. 
    3. Words should be practiced daily until all words are known automatically.  Once the words are all automatic, then periodic practice (a few times a week) is needed to maintain them.  
    List 1: I, a, see, red, yellow, blue, man, ball, an
    List 2: can, and, at, look, the, my, day, mom, yes, dad
    List 3: big, have, it, is, in, little, if, girl, boy, ran
    List 4: do, to, you, like, that, today, sat, not, got
    List 5: get, what, we, one, two, three, cat, had, dog, can't
    List 6: up, but, go, am, here, where, his, him, sit
    List 7: come, down, away, will, no, this, fun, said, run
    List 8: all, are, find, make, play, hill, back, fast, fish
    List 9: went, walk, did, saw, me, bad, love, become, take
    List 10: how, many, on, they, why, name, paper
    List 11: does, into, he, water, them, then
    List 12: by, eat, sing, stop, top, week, tell, she, her 
    List 13: help, now, so, who, want
    List 14: for, some, too, good, I'm year
    List 15: jump, more, time, sleep, with, bus, books
    List 16: bring, carry, hold, our, us, door, car, ride, cold
    List 17: came, know, out, there, as, has, be
    List 18: again, please, say, read, word, write
    Review Th: they, than, there, three, that, this, them, they
    Review W/Wh: went, want, where, what, who, why, with, when
    List 19: after, call, laugh, something, anything, because
    List 20: every, of, mother, made, was, place, five
    List 21: father, going, thank, very, home, hide, able
    List 22: friend, pretty, soon, your, behind, across, room
    List 23: four, funny, long, were, watch, could, would, should 
    List 24: about, ask, any, kind, over, stay, right, rain
    List 25: buy, only, or, think, just, use, people
    List 26: don't, from, hear, live, when, city, sky, both, end
    List 27: around, new, old, show, thought, most
    List 28: even, been, found, animals, start, first, their, together, heard
    List 29: much, wish, move, these, open, school, put, better, give, work
    List 30: knew, almost, always, idea, picture, along, took, goes, pull, great
    **Last List**List 31: under, which, other, once, off, before, full, each


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