• math  


    Geometry can be a tough course if you don't keep up to date on the material and complete homework on a daily basis.  The weekly review assignments are intended to be review for the quarter assessments.  It is important to spend time completeing the assignments so that you understand them.


    In  order to fully understand the math concepts covered in this class, it is imperative that you

    • Take notes and ask questions in class.
    • Make an effort to do each homework question and ask questions.
    • Complete Weekly Reviews and make sure you inderstand the questions
    • Keep your phone in your backpack either off or silent mode.
    • See me to pick up all homework and get a copy of glass notes after an absence.
    • Make up anywork after an absence.


    I  cannot emphasis enough, ASK QUESTIONS WHEN YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!!


    Extra Help:

    Extra help is available every day through a variety of services:

    • Student assisstance is available almost every period of the day.  Pop into the math office to ask a math teacher your questions.  No appointment is necessary!
    • Homework club is every day from 2:30-3:30 in room 127.  Stop down for some snack and extra help.  
    • Meet with Ms. Price… make an appointment to meet with me during my free periods.