BRMS at McQuaid
  • Team Expectations:

    1. Have a positive attitude

    2. Kindness

    3. Attend daily practices

    4. Give your best effort every day!

  • Equipment:

    • Good running shoes- please contact coach if you need recommendations
      Shorts, Shirts, Sweatpants, sweatshirt, hats and gloves (for later in the season)
    • Water bottle- there are some that are designed for running.
    • Reflective vest
      Uniforms will be provided-to be returned at the end of the season.
    • Parents and families are encouraged to spectate.

BRMS Modified XC

  • Cross Country running is both a team sport and an individual sport!

    Cross Country running teaches:
    How to set goals
    The benefits of Hard work
    That a positive attitude will serve you best
    How to accept your limitations, all while striving to do your best The importance of unconditional support for teammates

    How to pace yourself

  • We practice every day!

    Students generally attend after school sports study hall from 2:30-3:20.
    Practice starts at 3:30 and goes ‘til 5:00 every school day.
    Athletes should plan to attend practice every day
    because this is the best way to improve. XC running as an endurance sport; daily practice helps muscles adapt to the stresses and avoid injury.
    Parents can pick up their students in the front of the school at 5:00PM.

    A typical practice includes:

    A warm up- dynamic stretching
    Conditioning- upper body, core strength, yoga
    Running- intervals, time trials, speed play, distance runs, relays, hill workouts Cool down-static stretching