• We have included some resources to help acquaint yourself with our program.  If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email. 

    P.E. Jewelry Recommendation:

    Jefferson Road Physical Education department recommends the removal of all jewelry as the safest manner to participate in physical education classes. However, post earrings may be worn during class.  If you feel that your child needs to wear a particular piece of jewelry during class please send in a written explanation.

    If a student needs to remove a piece of jewelry during class they will be given an envelope with name and class information on it.  Students can pick it up at the end of class.   

    P.E. Sneaker Recommendations:

    When selecting footwear for your children this fall we would like to recommend the following guidelines.  Most sneaker or running type shoes will be fine for student safety.  There is no reason to spend a lot of money on sneakers as most manufacturing companies have a wide variety of styles and prices that fit our recommendations. When selecting a good shoe please keep in mind that we are looking for shoes that have:

    1.   Good foot & heel support to allow students to stop and start, and change direction safely.

    2.   Good cushioning for the bottom of the foot, but not too much like those designer elevator “sneaker” shoes that cause those little ankles to roll.

    3.   A fastening system like laces or velcro to keep the shoe in place and support the foot (FYI - zippers do not last very long and always unzip as students move).

    4.   No metal of any kind on the exterior of the shoe (except for smooth lace eyelets).

    5.   A non-marking sole (to keep the gym floor looking great).

     Most cross-training and running shoes fit the above criteria.

     Examples of shoes that do not meet the above criteria are:

    Keene sandals, Crocs, open heel and toe shoes like sandals and flip flops, Mary-Jane style "sneakers", most dress shoes including slip-on styles (even though they are cute!), and hiking style boots/shoes.

    Please keep these things in mind as you head out for the back to school shopping season. If a student does not have appropriate footwear they may borrow a set of sneakers from our "borrow bin" as long as they have socks.

    Appropriate Attire:

    In addition to sneakers, we ask that all students dress in comfortable clothing that allows for active participation in PE class. If we are going outside for class, your child may wish to bring a sweatshirt to the gym.  Otherwise, most extra layers can be left in the classroom. 

    Jefferson Road School Mission:

    • Be your best self
    • Do your best work
    • Make a difference in the lives of others