Welcome to Grade 3

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to third grade! It is a year of exciting growth for children. We continue to focus on building a love of reading as well as solid skills. You will observe your child as they develop reading skills and then apply them to seek information. This shift is often referred to as one where they learn to read and then read to learn.

    Please join us in our efforts to help your child make the most of this year. We believe in promoting a positive attitude that promotes risk taking and becoming a life-long learner. You can be instrumental in developing this by providing daily encouragement.


    Here are some guidelines that may help you build your child's confidence and feelings of worth.

    1. Encouragement is saying and doing things to and for others in an effort

    to give another person self confidence and courage.

    2. The sounds of encouragement are words that build feelings of adequacy:

    - I like the way you handled that!
    - I know you can handle it!
    - I appreciate what you did!
    - It looks like you worked very hard on that!
    - You're improving!
    - You seem to like that activity!
    - I have confidence in your judgment!
    - I know that this is a rough one, but I think you can work it out!
    - It was thoughtful of you to help me!
    - I really enjoyed what we did today!
    - I see you are making progress!

    3. To encourage is to inspire with courage

    4. To encourage is to hearten, defined as giving courage and cheer

    5. To encourage is to stimulate by assistance and approval

    6. Encouragement focuses on your child's assets and strengths

    7. Encouragement focuses on the positive and the good

    8. Encouragement focuses on accepting your children as they are (love is

    not based upon their behavior)

    9. Encouragement recognizes improvement and effort (not just achievement)

    10. Encouragement focuses on a cooperative spirit (not on competition)

    11. Encouragement demonstrates your faith in the child

    12. To discourage is to....

    • deprive of courage
    • dishearten
    • dispirit
    • obstruct by opposition
    • express disapproval