• Other than the academic reasons, reading with your child has many other benefits. Fir my family, reading is a time to take a moment and give my children 1:1 time. I know it is hard when you have more than one child. In my family, my husband and I take turns with which child we read with. The idea of missing books at night is a punishment to them! It is ingrained into our nightly routines. 

    One of my favorite things is to read a chapter book with my 9 year old. He is getting older and is into many things that I really don't connect with as much. This is such a great way for us to bridge that gap and bond. We take turns reading and just have conversations about the book. 

    My daughter is 6. She LOVES books. She would let me read to her all night long. However, she can be a bit lazy when she reads to me. Therefore, we start with her reading to me and end with me reading books to her. It seems to work well for us!

    Below is another article on why reading with your child is important. 



    - 7 Reasons why you MUST read to your kids at all ages. 

    Read Every Night