• Welcome to MHS Music Theory Level 1

    What will we learn in music theory this year?

                This course is a comprehensive study of the elements of music and the fundamentals for learning to write and play your own music.  The concepts studied this year will include:

    • Note Reading – Treble, Bass, and Alto Clefs
    • Key Signatures – Major and Minor
    • Scales – Major, Minor, and Chromatic
    • Rhythm and Meter – Duple, Triple, Simple, and Compoud
    • Composition – Rhythm, Melody, and Multiple parts
    • Form – Analyzing musical forms and structure
    • Listening – Study various composers and styles of music
    • Periods of Music History
    • Styles of Music
    • Harmonization – Interval Construction, Chords, Roman Numeral Analysis, Voice-Leading, Composition
    • Technology Tools – Garage Band and MuseScore
    • Basic Piano Skills – Reading notes, Right Hand and Left Hand, Bass Line and Chords
    • Sight-singing – Key Signatures, Major vs. Minor, Rhythms
    • Ear Training – intervals and Chords, Rhythmic and Melodic dictation
    • Music Notation – By Hand and Using Technology

    Structure of the Class

                Each week, we will spend time doing each of the following:

    • Written Classwork
    • Ear Training
    • Critical Listening
    • Keyboard/Piano Skills
    • Sight-singing

         As the class progresses, we will spend more time on composition projects that will take several classes or weeks.  We will also do some peer critique and analysis. 


         In this class we use Standard-Based Grading.  Each assignment will be graded on a rubric out of 4 points.  The assignment may be graded on more than one criteria.  For the rubrics, a 3 is the Target for each assignment.  A score of a 4 indicates exceptional work that has gone above the expectations for the assignment.  Please do not expect to see all 4’s on all of your assignments, as this is not realistic in standards-based grading.  If you have a mix of 3’s and 4’s, you are doing well in this course, and your grade will translate to the A range.  All grades are given equal weight throughout the quarter, with the exception of a composition project which is usually a culmination of several units.  All quizzes and projects will be announced ahead of time.