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    How to Make the Most of a College Visit

    How to Make the Most of a College Visit

    • Register with Admissions office for date and time of visit.
    • Take a photo of Campus Name and yourself in order to keep better track of notes.
    • The Information Session is somewhat of a marketing tool. The style of presentation may give you some insight into the culture of the school – is it nurturing, more independent, accepting, etc.?  Is it personal?
    • Questions to ask the Student Tour Guides (who are part of the “marketing” team):
    1. What was the largest/smallest class you had as a freshman?
    2. Have you ever been closed out of a class? What happened?
    3. What did you do this weekend? How did you spend your time?  (Probe a little bit if you get a general answer.)
    4. How do you get to the train station, bus station, airport.

     Find out more about the culture of the school

    • Seek out other college students who are not tour guides in the coffee shop, food court, etc., and ask the same questions as of the tour guides. Ideally, students and not their parents are asking the questions.
    • Spend time in social areas to see the culture of the school.
    1. How are students interacting with each other? Do they have conversations or are they just on their phones and laptops.  Are they engaged with each other?
    2. How do they dress?
    • Go to the Library. How does it feel?
    • Residence Halls. You should have an opportunity to see the inside of a dorm room.

    If you have been to the college campus and the admissions rep comes to MHS in the fall, come see the rep and ask any outstanding questions you may have.

     Other Helpful Resources

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