Making Elementary Report Cards Parent Friendly

  • The Elementary Report Card Committee studied the previous report card and grading system in an effort to recommend an elementary reporting process that better serves as a clear communication tool for families about their child(ren)’s learning while being teacher-efficient and aligning with the District’s grading philosophy.

    On Thursday, November 8th, parents of elementary students had an opportunity to learn about the work-to-date and the recommendations being made by the committee.

    Following this important parent feedback session and the Elementary Report Card Parent Survey, the committee finalized its recommendations and forwarded their report to the Elementary Advisory Council and the Instructional Leadership Council for consideration of implementation.

    The new report card was effective starting with the 2019-2020 school year.

Teacher and class

Highlights of Committee Recommendations

    • Parent-friendly language revisions and the addition of definitions

    • Reporting system revisions
      • Continue with three report cards per year for ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies, however, only twice per year in special areas including art, music and physical education
      • Continue with teacher conferences in the fall and spring

    • Rating scale revisions
      • Utilize the same 1-4 scale for academics and learning skills/work habits
      • The score of “4” would evolve to represent a student who meets grade level expectations, making it more attainable. Students working beyond grade level benchmarks will receive a special annotation
      • Evaluate students’ progress based on where they should be at the time the report card is written versus scoring on students’ progress toward year end expectations
      • Kindergarten report cards will utilize a "continuum" rating scale

    For complete details on recommendations visit Elementary Report Card Committee Recommendations

Parent Feedback on Recommendations

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