Purpose Statement

  • To make a recommendation on the elementary reporting process that is a clear communication tool to families about student learning, while being teacher efficient and aligning with our grading philosophy.

Comittee Background and Work to Date

    • Committee formed based on teacher input through EAC (Elementary Advisory Council) and members selected through input by PTSA, PDTA, ASI, elementary buildings
    • Committee began meeting in September 2017
    • Developed and analyzed teacher and paraprofessional survey relative to current report card (October 2017)
    • Developed and analyzed targeted follow-up input from grade level classroom teachers based on responses
    • Developed and analyzed parent survey (January and February 2018)
    • Reviewed and analyzed standards based report cards from multiple school districts (Winter 2017-2018)
    • Developed a framework with ELA and Math Standards Leaders for all classroom teachers to work on the “content” in ELA and Math (March Grade Level Half Release Days)
    • Synthesized content and got all teacher input on content (March/April 2018) and charged ELA and Math Steering Committees to review teacher and committee feedback
    • Developed draft scale and work habits (Spring 2018)
    • Met with Chief Information Office to begin work on implementation in Infinite Campus
    • Developed and executed plan for work on October 2018 Conference day

Committee Members

    • Mark Balsamo, Park Road Elementary principal
    • Melissa Julian, Director of Technology (2017-18)
    • Melanie Ward, Asst. Superintendent for Instructions (2018-19)
    • Jill Pink, Park Road Elementary teacher
    • Julie Shaw, Jefferson Road Elementary School teacher
    • Patty Mayer, Mendon Center Elementary School teacher
    • Dennise Zobel, Allen Creek, Elementary School teacher
    • Greg Bischoping, Thornell Road Elementary special area teacher
    • Heather Weins, Allen Creek Elementary School parent
    • Traci Wachter, Jefferson Road Elementary School parent