• Katelyn Pasley

    Katelyn Pasley

    “It’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years”

    Katelyn Pasley’s beautiful 8 ½ years were filled with life. Short but so full. As the youngest of four, she brought out the child in each of us, and with her smile and laugh, she brightened all of our lives. Katie was Mom’s constant companion, and together they attended every sporting and musical event of her older siblings.

    Katie was excited to begin her own activities. Following in her siblings’ footsteps, she started piano and flute lessons, and was already showing a talent for sports. In addition to being everyone’s cheerleader, she had just joined her own Little League, Mustang soccer, and swim teams. And one more thing, Katie liked to draw bright, colorful rainbows, an activity that occupied her quieter times, especially when she was in the hospital.  When we look up in the sky and see a beautiful rainbow, we always remember Katie’s beautiful smile and spirit.

    Most of all, Katie loved people. With her outgoing and sensitive personality, she related to people of all ages and from all walks of life. In addition to playing with her own friends, she was thrilled to be included with the “big kids." She had a natural social sense, mature beyond her years, which made others feel better in her presence. Her innocent and kind acceptance of others is her legacy to all of us.

    When Katie was in the hospital in 2000, the Pittsford School District gave her a laptop computer to keep in touch with her friends and family. The purchase of laptop computers for pediatric rooms became the Rainbow Classic’s first project, “Katie’s Computers.” Katie would be proud that her community and friends have chosen to honor her by benefitting other sick children. She felt the love and support of a generous community of friends at a time of great need when she was in the hospital, and would want other children to have the same sense of comfort and security.

    Brian, Barb, Kelly, Jenny, Mike & Jill –Ella, Sienna & Tyler Pasley