• Ryan McClusky

    Ryan McCluski

    “Do everything to the extreme, you only live once”

    Ryan McCluski not only wrote this quote, he lived this quote…and he inspired us to do the same. He was one of those special people who comes into your life and impacts you so strongly that his spirit remains a part of your life forever. His determination, strength and positive approach to life, despite his struggle with his disabling ataxia, are perpetual gifts to all who knew him.

    Ryan loved sports. He epitomized what it means to be a devoted sports fan. Hockey, basketball football, golf, soccer and baseball were always first on his list of favorite topics of conversation. He also loved karate…as evidenced by the black belt he so courageously earned. Although he loved professional and college sports, Ryan was most interested in the sports teams on which his many friends and brother, Brad, played. He was everyone’s biggest sports fan and he never missed a game. Rain or shine, home or away…he was there to watch, support and inspire through his presence and enthusiasm. For example, during Ryan’s senior year at Sutherland, the varsity basketball team was struggling after some recent losses and was trying to find ways to battle back amid the adversity. Coach Nally pointed out to the team how Ryan approached life, persevered and beat the odds against tremendous adversity everyday just for the opportunity to be a student at Sutherland High School. Even though Ryan didn’t physically step onto that court, he carried some of those players on his shoulders so they stood a little taller…and he inspired the team to win the sectional title that year.

    Ryan excelled at the game of life. He played it with the drive, determination and courage of the most accomplished athlete. Ryan inspired us every day through his strength, humor and “can do” attitude.  He inspired us just because he showed up. He inspired us to “live life to the extreme.”

    Ryan’s family extends their heartfelt appreciation to all of you who have continued to support the annual Rainbow Classic. We like to think he looks down and smiles to see how our school and the greater Pittsford community has come together to support the Golisano Children’s Hospital.