The Tower of Books Challenge!

Books towering up to the sky.
  • Happy Summer, Park Road Families!
    This summer, students are invited to participate in the Park Road Library Olympics Summer Reading Challenge. This is an independent and optional reading challenge for your child!
    Here's how it works:
    Your child’s goal is to read all of the books from the categories listed in the Tower of Books packet he or she brought home at the end of the school year (also availble by clicking here). He or she will check off one of the boxes each time a book is read. After checking off a box, it’s time for him/her to add to…the Tower of Books (also in the packet, or available by clicking here)!
    1. Put the “Tower of Books” paper where you’ll see it often, like on the refrigerator or on a bulletin board at home.
    2. Read the books listed on the checklist.
    3. When you finish each book, record its title and which category it is from on the “Tower of Books.”
    4. Complete all 20 books to win prizes!
    Through the generous support of the PRE PTSA, if students complete all 20 books on the tower, they will receive a reading-themed tote, certificate of completion, and bookmark! Additionally, they will be entered into separate drawings to potentially receive one of the following:
    •a Library Olympics Medal (gold, silver, and bronze will be awarded at each Grade Level, 1-5)
    •a Barnes + Noble gift card
    •a paperback book of their choice
    The classroom that completes the most books on the Tower of Books, as a whole, will receive a Tower of Books trophy!
    For book suggestions, please see the Pittsford Schools Summer Reading List--both included in the packet and available on the PCSD Web site; note, these books are not required, they are just suggestions.
    Please return all completed Tower of Books papers to the library by Friday, September 13.
    Your child will get to try some different types of books he/she may not have read before, and all the while have fun keeping track of his/her reading! Happy "stacking!"
    Carissa Carlsen-Trevas, Reading/Learning Specialist
    Tami Holihan, Librarian
     June 18, 2019