• Snacks and Lunch


    Simple healthy snacks should be sent in each day for your child to easily open and eat independently.

    Students are encouraged to bring in 2 (AM and PM) healthy snacks (fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, etc.). Juice or water may also be brought from home. 

    Please pack snack in a separate container from lunch.  Please also pack any disposable utensils they may need for snack! 



    K students will have recess and lunch daily from 11:45 am - 12:30 pm. We will go outdoors for recess before heading inside for lunch. 

    If your child is bringing their lunch please be sure to clearly label it on the outside with their first and last name (many lunch boxes look the same).  

    Lunch menus are sent home at the beginning of each month. If your child is purchasing lunch please remind them in the morning what they are ordering because they need to make that choice when they arrive at school. Children will use a lunch card funded through MySchoolBucks.  Parents can put money on at any time they wish and can monitor their child's account. You can send in money, a check payable to "Pittsford Food Service", or put money on the account using the MySchool bucks link below.

    You can find out more information about MySchoolBucks and Pittsford Food Services using the link below.

    Pittsford Food Service Website Link