• W.I.N is an acronym for "What I Need". Within our schedule, we have a designated time, every day, for W.I.N.

    The goal of this time is basic and simple: all students will engage in learning based on their individual needs.

    W.I.N time includes, but is not limited to:

    • services (Speech, OT, PT, Resource Room, ELL instruction)
    • intervention instruction (Math Resource, Reading Resource)
    • enrichment instruction (instructional challenge)
    • academic support in the classroom
    • Genius Hour/passion projects
    • Independent Reading Partnerships
    • organization support and check-ins
    • computer-based practice
    • center-based practice
    • homework help

    Each and every student is unique and special. Students will learn and accept that each classmate may need to work on a different task during W.I.N. time to best meet individual needs.

    All of 5th Grade has designated W.I.N time from 1:30-2:10. This time is consistent and on a daily basis.