Welcome to Leadership Development Seminar (LDS)!

  • Leadership Development Seminar (LDS) is a semester long course that is designed to help students build personal leadership skills and begin to develop their business "senses" in the workplace. Seminars meet once a week during one of the student’s lunch periods (students may eat during the seminar). 

    LDS is a pre-requisite for Cooperative Work Experience, Career Internship, and Community Service Credit. Take it early in your high school career and you are prepared for these opportunities in the coming years.


  • Leadership

    Topics discussed will include:

    • What is Leadership?
    • Teamwork and Communication
    • Leadership Methods
    • Mission/Vision Statements
    • Ethics
    • Social Media and Leadership
    • Resume Development
    • Identification of References


  • 1/27/20 MICROSOFT TEAMS: We will be using Microsoft Teams in Office 365. Please log in to Office 365 to join your team. All assignments will be assigned and submitted through Teams. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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