• Bienvenue à la classe de français!

    [Welcome to French class!]

    Please bring the following to class every day:

    • TWO writing utensils
    • Cahier (binder) with 3 dividers
    • Agenda
    • Laptop (as needed)

    You will also need to bring in 2 (or more) white board markers—these will stay in the classroom. 


    • Listen with the intent to understand

    • Support the flow of conversation

    • One person speaks and the others listen

    • Sit up straight: shoulders square, eyes clear

    • Limit English

    • Suggest cute answers

    • Do your 50%!

    Please note: If you are absent, you will need to complete a "missed class" assignment.


    It takes a lot of time to learn a new language, so most of your homework will be practice. It will not be graded, but it will show up in Infinite Campus as complete, incomplete, missing, or late.

    Homework is considered late any time after it has been collected or checked. Missing or incomplete assignments must be made up.


    If you are having trouble with homework, call a friend and refer to your notes. If you are still stuck, let me know by phone, e-mail or in person. I am only in the building through about 5th period, but I can also meet with you at lunch or study hall (via Zoom). Madame Simons is also available. Please do not wait until our class meets to ask for help!


    World language teachers in Pittsford use standards-based grading, which means we grade you on how you are doing in reading, writing, speaking and listening in the language you are studying. As long as you participate fully in class and complete your homework, you will learn a ton in this class!

    If you are not satisfied with how you did on an assessment (a test, project or quiz), come see me. 


    Please contact me with any questions or concerns. My contact information and the link to my teacher page can be found here.