My Homework


    Homework should take no more than 30 minutes each day, including reading for enjoyment.

    Homework will be sent home on Monday and is due back on Friday, with parent signature.  

    Homework will include:

    Reading - about 20 minutes each day

    Book Responses (schedule for completing books from different genres will be communicated throughout the year.) 

    Math - practicing facts, website, worksheet or a game 

    A parent signature is required for completed activities.

    Several content based websites are available for additional engagement and learning. Links to these sites are available from "Websites We Use" on the Jeff Road homepage or from "My Links".

    Homework Expectations:

    1. Homework should be completed in pencil and labeled with student name and date.
    2. Work should demonstrate students' most legible writing so that their work, ideas, and answers are clearly understood.
    3. Students should check their work for mistakes.
    4. When writing, students should use their own words. If stuck when spelling a word, encourage them to underline the word and move on. Spelling should be edited when rereading to check work. Students are expected to write in complete sentences, use correct capitalization and punctuation, and spell common third grade words correctly.
    5. Students should always do their best work!

    Homework Support: Homework is meant to be meaningful with tasks that are useful to the learner. Parents can help children develop good work habits. Please show your child that homework is an important priority and that you value its worth by offering the following kinds of support. 

    • Work with your child to determine a schedule / routine for completing assignments. For some students, homework habits are more easily formed if they work at the same time each day.
    • Help your child choose an appropriate study location. It should be a quiet and comfortable space with minimal distractions.
    • Ensure that they have resources available such as math flash cards and spelling references. 
    • If your child is struggling with a task, please write me a note and attach it to the homework. This gives me more information about what I need to offer more support with. 
    • If your child needs additional time or the weekend to complete homework, that's okay with me, but please send a note to let me know. 
    • Reading Responses: 
    • Visit the local library with your child to choose books for reading pleasure and to complete book responses. The librarians can recommend grade level and interest level books. Expand your child's personal library with books they love.
    • Your child may need monitoring to complete book responses in a timely manner. Please help your child with planning. 
    • Directions to complete a short and simple book response will be sent home. 
    • Offer guidance but let them grapple. It is not uncommon for students to feel "stuck" with writing topics or tasks. Brain-storming together out loud is a good pre-writing strategy. Reading over the completed response and checking together for capitals, spelling and complete sentences will be helpful support.