Mardi Gras
  • How does this class work?

    Most of the time, I teach French vocabulary and grammar by speaking in French! I tell stories, ask questions, draw pictures and use gestures to help you understand what I'm saying.

    What do we do every day?

    On a daily basis, you'll learn new vocabulary and grammar by listening and responding to lots and lots of questions--out loud, in writing or by drawing.  

    But how will I learn if I don't know exactly what you're saying? 

    You probably don't remember learning your first language when you were a baby, but no one sat you down and taught you every word or phrase they wanted you to remember. Instead, your family and the people around you just talked to you all the time. And eventually, you started to understand them and even respond back to them! That's similar to how you will learn language in my class. 

    Wait a every minute of the class in French?

    Nope. We will use English to discuss culture in French-speaking countries, and I will use English to make sure you understand directions, homework assignments, how to set up your French notebook, and things like that.