Addition & Subtraction Fact Practice

  • FactDash Instructions
    1. Choose "Addition" or "Subtraction"

    2. Choose "Addition Facts - Sums to 20" or "Subtraction Facts - Differences to 20"
    3. Choose horizontal facts (image on the left)
    4. Choose 2 minutes or “Do not time me”

Multiplication Or Division Fact Practice

  • Instructions
    1. Choose "Auto-Scored Quizzes"
    2. Choose "Multiplication" or "Division"
    3. Choose the quiz with the facts you are practicing this week from "Multiplication/Division Equation Family Quizzes"
    4. Type your name
    5. Click on "Start Self Correcting Quiz Now"

Mixed Fact Practice & Other Math Websites

  • That's a Fact! Instructions
    1. Choose "Multiplication and Division"

    2. Choose "Multiplication and Division Facts to 12"
    3. Choose horizontal facts (image on the right)
    4. Choose 2 minutes or “Do not time me”

    "Sing" Your Facts Instructions
    Multiplication Mash Up
    Math Fact Songs

    1. Use the links above to "sing" your facts to familiar songs

    XtraMath Instructions
    1. Sign in with Miss Coniglio’s email:
    2. Type in first name only (full name)
    3. Type in four digit pin (message Miss Coniglio if you need it)

    Sumdog Instructions
    1. Type in username (first name and last two digits of student ID (one word))

    2. Type in password (student ID)
    3. School code: mce110

    BrainPOP Jr. Instructions
    *works best on Mozilla Firefox

    1. Type in username (mendoncenter)
    2. Type in password (mce)
    3. Choose a math video and quiz of your choice from the BrainPop Jr. link

    ABCya Instructions
    1. Choose a 3rd grade math game of your choice