• Barker Road Middle School GSA

    The BRMS Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) brings LGBTQ+ students and straight allies together to meet new people, educate others by raising awareness, and to support one another in order to help promote a more accepting and safe community.


  • Monthly Meetings 2020-2021

    The GSA meets after school on Teams at least once each month.

    • Check Teams for the meeting dates.

    GSA Lunch

    Grab your lunch and come to GSA! GSA lunches are held over Teams for 7th & 8th graders on Wednesdays that are Day 2:

    • 6th Grade GSA Lunch - none this year, but if we can hold them we'll let you know
    • 7th & 8th Grade GSA Lunch - Day 2 Wednesdays on Teams


GSA - Open Hearts, Open Minds