Character Creation on dndbeyond

  • To use the club account, see Mrs. Anderson for the log in information.

    Go to  Sign in and then choose "Creations" then "My Characters"



    Click the "Create A Character" button

    create a character


    Use standard creation method and then click the box that says "show help text"



  • Change "Advancement type" to XP


  • If there is a choice to make, there will be a BLUE exclamation point


  • Choose Standard Array.  Put the highest number under the MOST important stat for your character.

    standard array

  • Click on the word "Equipment" and choose your starting equipment


     **Be sure to choose "Wear"  "Use"  or "Wield" every time you see it, so that it shows up on your character sheet.

     use wield

How to VIEW your Character Sheet


    view character sheet


    Check to make sure that your weapons and spells are equipped.  (If they aren't listed here, let me know)

    equipment listed

Magic Users Only

  • On your Character Sheet, Click SPELLS> MANAGE SPELLS



    Make sure that you LEARN the number of spells listed.  (Cantrips are level 0 spells that you can use whenever you want and they never run out.)

    spells 2

How to PRINT your Character Sheet

  • Click the tiny red arrow next to your name and then choose "export sheet"



    Open in Adobe and print from there

    open in adobe