Elementary Attendance Boundary Review

  • The Pittsford Central School District Board of Education announced the launch of an Elementary Attendance Boundary Review Committee at their January 13, 2020 Board meeting. The committee’s purpose is to review the enrollment projections at Mendon Center Elementary School and make boundary revision recommendations.

    It is projected that Mendon Center Elementary School may exceed capacity as early as 2020-21 due to a variety of factors including new housing developments/home builds and a higher than average number of children per household in this catchment area.

    Key Considerations

    With the goal of managing these projected enrollment increases that will exceed available space at Mendon Center Elementary School, the committee’s review and subsequent recommendation will be conducted using the following key considerations:

    • Mendon Center Elementary students must remain on the same middle school/high school track
      • Students on the Barker Road Middle School to Mendon High School path will NOT be impacted
    • Consideration will be given to NOT moving students going into fifth grade for the 2020-21 school year
    • Consider the preservation of neighborhood continuity through attention to boundaries that won’t divide a street between two schools
    • Consider a neighborhood’s proximity to each of the affected schools
    • Consider transportation implications
    • Proposed options cannot involve a capital project given the timing/District space
    • Proposal must include enough movement to address the challenges

Public Meeting Schedule

    • Public Information Meeting
      February 4 at 7 p.m., Mendon Center Elementary School, Auditorium

    • Attendance Boundary Review Committee Meeting – open to the public
      February 25 at 6 p.m., Barker Road Middle School, Meeting Room 1

    • Public Information Meeting
      March 11 at 7 p.m., Mendon Center Elementary School, Auditorium

    Information will be posted to the District website and shared with the community via Facebook and Twitter following informational meetings.

Committee Objectives

  • The Attendance Boundary Review Committee will be composed of representatives from PCSDs various stakeholder groups including parents, staff and administrators. The committee’s objective will be to address these defined challenges:

    • Enrollment projections that predict continued growth at Mendon Center Elementary School that may exceed room capacity as soon as 2020-21
    • Declining enrollment at Allen Creek and Jefferson Road Elementary Schools

    The Attendance Boundary Review Committee will be charged with making a recommendation to the Superintendent and Board of Education as to where the attendance boundaries of Mendon Center Elementary School should shift in order to become either part of Allen Creek Elementary School or Jefferson Road Elementary School.

    Updates and further information will be posted here and shared with the community via Facebook and Twitter following informational meetings and as it becomes available.

    Parents with questions are encouraged to contact Chief Information Officer Dr. Jeff Cimmerer at (585) 267-1084, jeff_cimmerer@pittsford.monroe.edu; or Mendon Center Elementary School Principal Heather Clayton at (585) 267-1401, heather_clayton@pittsford.monroe.edu.

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