2019-2020 Class Compact

  • Our classroom will be filled with respectful, patient, and attentive students that model teamwork and follow the Thornell Road Way.  We will listen to our teacher and each other and think about what they say.  At the same time, we will believe in ourselves and the potential we possess.  As the year unfolds, we will become better mathematicians learning about geometry, strive to read longer and more fluently, grow as learners, and seek something new each day.  Mr. Beldue will be patient with us, listening to our suggestions and finding ways to help our classroom run smoothly.  He’ll help us be the best we can be by holding us to high expectations in all subjects, explaining topics and directions so we understand them, and making our classroom a fun learning environment for all.  School is important because it prepares us for life now and in the future.  Of even greater importance, school helps us learn to fail.  Our classroom is a place where we can learn and grow.