• Please note - all spring 2020 solo festivals have been cancelled.


    Here are lots of ideas for music-making while we're away from school:


    1) Work on concert music - our next concert is scheduled (right now) for May 6

    2) Work on lesson book materials - work ahead in the book if you're ready

    • Notes/rhythms, dynamics, articulations, tempo, style

    3) Work on solo materials - even without solo fest, they're great pieces of music!

    4) Review old scales and teach yourself new ones - see the attachments below!

    5) Compose a new piece of music - see the attachment below for staff paper and some composition ideas

    6) Try any of the FREE music programs below.

    7) Soundtrack for Life - see the link on the left side for the folder

    8) Play March Madness Music Bingo - see file below

    9) Check out the Video Of The Day - see the link on the left side