• Hello! Below you will find information to help challenge you as a musician - etudes for your technique, online games to work on your theory skills, and performances to inspire.


    Music Theory games
    Learn the "why and how" behind music notation, and play games to test your knowledge! Brush up on reading other clefs, rhythms, and intervals.


    Itzhak Perlman's YouTube Channel
    Have you ever wondered what famous melodies would sound like on a Vitamix blender? Here's your chance! Also, get amazing tips on playing.


    Ultimate Guitar (chords for pop songs)
    If you play guitar (or any instrument that can play chords), here is a HUGE assortment of lyrics with chord names


    Superfun (and a bit of a black hole) website where you can make your own beats and so much more.


    Every Noise At Once
    This is a great site (also a black hole) to discover every kind of music genre you knew (rock, pop, jazz) and the hundreds you maybe had no idea about (oyun havasi, polish metal). Just click on the genre and it'll play an excerpt of the song!


    Fun, free music apps:

    GarageBand - create you own pieces using samples and/or your original ideas
    Acapella - stack recordings of yourself to make a tiny music video (it's what Mrs. Rister uses on her Instagram)