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  • Anxiety and Worry 

    Traceable Breathing Boards

    Kids can trace different patters with their fingers as they breathe. A great way to connect movement to breath and feel calm. 

    5-4-3-2-1 Grounding

    This activity is a great way to help kids learn to calm down when feeling overwhelmed by worry or stress. 

    Positive Self Talk Bracelet

    If you have some beads and string you can make a positive self talk bracelet. This activity helps remind students to use positive self talk when they are feeling worried. 

    Worry Warriors Video Series

    This is a YouTube video series with Counselor Keri. The link is to the first video, she goes over topics like; what is worry, what can we do about worry, and coping strategies. There are 8 total videos. 

  • Bullying

    Think Before you Speak

    This activity helps kids think about what they are saying before they say it. 

  • Feelings

    Feelings Check-in 

    In this activity students can identify how they are feeling, share things they miss and what new activites they are learning. 

    Feelings Exporation

    In this activity,  students are asked to draw about how they are feeling today. This is a great way to explore feelings and reassure that all feelings are ok!

    Calm Down Tools

    In this activity, students will identify smart and not smart coping strategies. 

    Identifying Feelings

    In this activity, students identify their feelings in various scenarios.

    Positive Self Talk

    This activity helps students identify positive thoughts that they can use when they experience different emotions.

    My Feelings Workbook

    This activity is a whole book of emotions (53 to be exact!), students are asked to descibe the feeling and identify triggers for each emotion. 

  • Friendships

    When Someone is Feeling..

    In this activity kids can explore different ways that they can help a friend feel better. 


    Kind Words

    This activity is a practice in thinking kind thoughts and sharing kind words about others 

  • Resolving Conflicts

    Communication: explaining how you feel

    In this activity students are asked to choose between blaming statements and statements that express feelings during a conflict. 

    "I statements"

    In this activity students practice writing out "I statements" for several scenarios 

  • Self Esteem and Identity

    Positive Thinking

    This activity helps students use positive self talk in a variety of different scenarios.

    Responding to Peer Pressure

    This activity helps students think about what they would say or do in a situation where they felt peer pressure. 

    Role Models

    In this activity, students choose characteristics of a good role model


  • Social/Classroom Skills

    Joinng a group 

    In this activity students look at a comic and choose the best way to ask to join in a group. This is a great conversation starter to talk about starting conversations and joining in play. 

    Impulse control

    This activity helps students choose actions that demonstrate impulse control