• Earth Science!! HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!! Friday March 20 is the vernal equinox!!!

    1.) We will be working first on collect shadow data.  We have done this all year-now time to do at home.   In lieu of the magnet we have been using in class, please locate an object that is less than one inch tall.  Ideas would include a game piece from a board game, a Hershey kiss, a toothpick in a tiny piece of playdoh, or a couple of 1X1 legos stacked on top of each other in place of the magnet. But please be creative!  Below you will find a compass like we have been using in class all year.  Please print in landscape mode.  One nice sunny day, please go outside and collect a shadow.  Repeat this once an hour for 4 hours.  within the handout there are two CER prompts as well. Keep your eyes on the weather forecast for the best day.  If you don't have a printer, you can write your own compass directions on a piece of paper, mark off where your object is in the center and draw the shadows. Let me know if you need help.

    2.) Collect moon data over the course of the next week or so by going outside and observing the moon. Use the example provided on the handout and also use the website provided to help you collect more data. Don't let the clouds get in your way. You can do this.

    Heads up:   When the weather will be changing considerably, please check out Windy.com as Spring is known for lots of changing weather patterns and many fronts and storms coming through!  Remember we used this site earlier in the year to watch winds, temps, and other cool data.  Watch the local weather-on tv or over internet.  I provided a link to 13 wham weather below. If you are interested in learning more about fronts, I have put a link to a good front explanation video below.  As I've said in class, the best time to learn about weather is while it is happening.

    Friday is also the first official day of spring.  Check out the YouTube video below (if you can) explaining seasons and other astronomy cycles due to our revolution. 

    MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Hope you're doing well.